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The 10th Beijing International Irrigation Technology Expo ITE Fair

At the 10th Beijing International Irrigation Technology Fair (ITE Fair), Yueqing Xingfeng Electronics Factory displayed its latest achievements in the fields of smart irrigation and agricultural technology. As an enterprise specializing in the manufacturing of electronic components, Xingfeng Electronics Factory has been committed to providing efficient, environmentally friendly, and intelligent solutions to the agricultural industry.
At this expo, the booth of Xingfeng Electronics Factory attracted the attention of many visitors. Through precise data monitoring and intelligent analysis, these products achieve refined management of agricultural irrigation, effectively improve the efficiency of water resource utilization, and reduce agricultural production costs.
The booth design of Xingfeng Electronics Factory is full of modern technology, with green and blue as the main colors, demonstrating its commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development. Visitors can personally experience Xingfeng Electronics Factory’s smart irrigation products at the site.
In addition, Xingfeng Electronics Factory also places special emphasis on the durability and reliability of its products. In response to the particularity of the farm environment, Xingfeng Electronics Factory adopts waterproof, dustproof, and anti-corrosion designs to ensure that the products can still operate stably in harsh environments. At the same time, Xingfeng Electronics Factory also provides a full range of technical support and high-quality after-sales service, winning the trust and praise of customers.
During the three-day expo, Xingfeng Electronics Factory not only demonstrated its innovative strength in the field of smart irrigation but also made positive contributions to promoting the sustainable development of global agriculture.
Yueqing Xingfeng Electronics Factory
Yueqing Xingfeng Electronics Factory